Eight Months of Sheltering in Place

As feared, ActiveTO has come to a close. On the last day possible, I did get out to the eastern eastern section of the Lakeshore Boulevard Activeway, and there were few others there. I learned of some routes to the east side of Toronto that should come in handy during the warmer months, especially if there are activities at Woodbine Beach. Taking transit there was a bit of a slog pre-pandemic anyway, and there are safe bike paths even without closing the street to cars. The mission was to see the eastern section of it before it ended, and my mission was more than accomplished.

I see the tweet that started the above thread appeared in Cycling Magazine and Toronto Storeys along with others who celebrated the freedom to cycle on a major city street.

In less excellent news, my fridge went kaput. This after almost 5 years of living here. It's not a secret that I'm using my building's common area fridge (because I left a detailed note with my contact info in it), and the delivery date for a new one keeps getting pushed out. I made an order from Best Buy for a mini fridge after striking out on Kijiji. I would have liked to give a used fridge another home, but that was not to be. The Best Buy fridge will fit in a good spot, and I imagine I'll be able to sell it when I don't need it. It was also cheap enough that maybe I'll keep it, which would mean having to move with it when that time comes.

I'm about as busy at work as I was before the pandemic. I'm still on the board of two non-profits, with no plans to change that. While the Icelandic club has met on its regular schedule and convened virtual events, my neighbourhood association has been less active. From reading the websites of other neighbourhood associations, I get the sense this has been common.

I'm worried about not finding a replacement activity to keep myself moving (it's going to be running, isn't it?), and I'm worried about having to cancel travelling to British Columbia for the holidays. I'm much less concerned about myself getting the coronavirus than I am passing it on to my parents, who are senior citizens. A co-worker decided that because of the pandemic, it's fine if you say this year doesn't count. He meant towards aging, but I'm applying it to my yearly streaks of going home for the holidays and running in a race.

The very, very good news about an apparently effective and likely safe vaccine was a payoff for my optimism at the outset of the pandemic. I don't expect to receive a vaccine until well into the new year, but this is more or less on schedule for what we have been told to expect. It is, in the words of Churchill, the end of the beginning.