Toronto Heritage

When I lived in Vancouver, I wanted a way to explore the city in a structured way, and as someone who loved riding transit, the perfect way to do that was by doing the tours in SkyTrain Explorer: Heritage Walks From Every Station by John Atkin. Having moved to Toronto almost 5 years ago, I was able to see the city through Jane's Walks and other walking tours, and I was on the lookout for something similar to Atkin's book. Toronto Architecture: A City Guide by Patricia McHugh and Alex Bozikovic is a close analogue. While they don't use subway stations as their starting point, I flipped through the book and the tours seemed brisk and informative, not to mention opinionated. (Each tour references others, as they overlap, so the reader is often referred to the building description in another tour by walk number and building number.) I have created a separate page for the architecture I'll take from the book, and the format of that page will closely follow that of the SkyTrain Explorer page.

The book does not direct the reader to each point like SkyTrain Explorer does, and has more to see on each walk than that book does. The book does number the buildings, so you can piece together a route. In the Yonge St. walking tour I just completed, I ran Strava in the background to capture the route I took. You can see the diversions to side streets, as well as deciding not to retrace my steps early on.

Like with the SkyTrain Explorer section, I will embed the photos in a page per walk. It will take some time to upgrade the code behind it, which is a both a major PHP version and Drupal version behind, but I'm looking forward to exploring the city I live in again, and documenting it here along the way.