I’ve seen the Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal trilogy

I’ve now seen, in quick succession, all three films by Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal. This one follows Manufactured Landscapes (which I’d seen a couple of times previously to last month’s screening) and Watermark. Anthropocene makes the case that we’ve entered a geological epoch that follows the Holocene, which we are ostensibly currently in. The idea is that humans have so transformed the Earth, including inside, on top, and the atmosphere that we now have the most effect on the planet.

It was awe-inspiring to see the wide, colourful shots of the three films on the big screen. Anthropocene doesn’t show any of Burtynsky’s photographs like the previous two films do. It does linger on drone shots and sweeping views of people (including the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria, which, wow), however, and it’s a worthy successor to the documentaries it follows. I plan on owning all three on Blu-ray to watch on my TV which will do none of them justice.