How to Get a Free Printer from Best Buy

Here's how I got a free printer from Best Buy:

  1. Spend thousands of dollars on your credit card.
  2. Forget that you can use credit card points to make a payment.
  3. Instead use the points to get a $100 gift card at Best Buy.
  4. Look up on The Wirecutter what the best all-in-one printer is.
  5. Buy said printer on Amazon for about $125 and use the 30-day free trial of Prime you just signed up to get free shipping.
  6. Wait until the day it arrives at your doorstep. (Literally. Whoever delivered it just left it at my doorstep.)
  7. See a promoted tweet advertising a blowout sale for laptops at Best Buy.
  8. Forget that's what you clicked and spend 10 minutes retracing your steps to figure out what link you got there from.
  9. See that there are no Chromebooks on sale, but notice the printer you just bought—or, rather, one that's almost the same but a slightly different model—is on sale at $80 off, for a price of $50 (plus tax, plus recycling fee).
  10. Decide to buy that printer, and almost press “Submit order” before remembering you have the $100 gift card.
  11. Notice that the printer is on sale for just today.
  12. Rush home from work and find the gift card and submit the order and apply the gift card to the entire cost of the printer.
  13. Let the printer you bought on Amazon sit unopened until you're sure you get the free one in the mail.
  14. Wait for the email you'll get from Canada Post Flex Delivery that the printer has arrived for you at the post office.
  15. Pick up the printer. This is not the last step of getting a free printer, since you have another printer to sell.
  16. Return the printer you bought on Amazon. If that's not possible, this should be easy enough on Craigslist.

I'm currently at step #14.