No Bell and the Brakes Were Hilariously Loud

Today was my first Bike Share Toronto commute, and I made as many blunders as possible. I added a few extra minutes by figuring out how to take a bike out, walking (not biking) from King to Adelaide, dodging trucks parked in the bike lane while properly crossing old streetcar tracks, turning into a one-way street, and getting turned around at least once, maybe twice. Next time I'm just going to turn right onto Church.

The actual cycling time of 15 minutes is about half the amount of time it takes to walk to work and about a third the time it takes by transit (the streetcar is sooooo slooooww, but at least I can read or zone out). The bike I rode has no bell and the brakes were hilariously loud. At least now I know what's involved, and the actual time door-to-door next time will be a lot shorter.

Thanks to Average Joe Cyclist for the timely post about using Strava, which noted that today was Strava's Global Bike to Work Day. That's right, I did it for the badge.