Free Comic Book Day, May 2016

Comics collected during Free Comic Book Day in Toronto

My excellent haul from Free Comic Book Day, from Hairy Tarantula and Silver Snail Comics (both on Yonge), plus a cameo by the ad for the photo gallery opening I attended later in the day. I saw Captain America: Civil War the other day, and have a lot of blanks to fill in as a result of that. I'm not a big comics guy, but I did read Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud just recently, so I'm determined to get a glimpse of the medium. This'll be a start.

I overheard a guy say "Most of what's in comic book stores isn't comic books," and he had a point. Both stores had the majority of their floors dedicated to games and collectibles, not the books themselves, though really, there's a lot of crossover. I have my eye on a small card game that would fit my interest, and shared with Karen a card game that might interest her. I've found enjoyment in the collaborative card games, and in whichever one involves not knowing which character everybody else is.

When I went to Comicon earlier this year, I wanted to get a photo of me with Captain Canuck, but couldn't screw up enough courage to do it. I'm giving myself a second chance by getting a Captain Canuck comic with a blank cover. Maybe I can pay someone to draw him and me with our arms around each other's shoulder, as if we were good pals. Wouldn't that be hilarious?