Spanning Sync Keeps My iPhone and iCal, My Mac and Google Calendar Synchronized

Synchronizing your calendar between devices is still a mess. My personal calendar is on one account, my work calendar is shared with my personal account, and my girlfriend shares her calender with me as well. Initially I tried NuevaSync's Microsoft Exchange server to have over-the-air synchronization, and that worked well, allowing me to create events and have them appear, right away, on the Google Calendar account without intervention from iCal. The downside of NuevaSync was that every calendar event appeared as if it were on one calendar, so I couldn't tell which was work, which was her event (imagine everybody's surprise if I were to show up to an appointment she had with a heath care professional!), and which was a personal life event.

Google had CalDAV integration in beta, and recently launched it as an official service. That worked to keep iCal on my Mac synchronized well, but I could not add events from my iPhone. Having to move events over after a sync is not a habit I'm willing to form.

Spanning Sync is the least worst option, an endorsement that probably won't appear on their site. Through Spanning Sync, I get all my events in neat calendars but still have to manually synchronize the iPhone with the computer. It's something I have to do periodically anyway, so no loss there. The holy grail, of course, is direct, instant iPhone-to-Google Calendar synchronization.

Boris schooled me to Spanning Sync's referral program, which means that when anybody clicks through his image link, he gets a cool $5 sent to his PayPal account. Anybody clicking through that image also gets a cool $5 off the product. So in the spirit of trying to get something for free in an honest way, I encourage those frustrated with the state of calendar synchronization to click the image at the very top here to get me a fin, the term for a 5-dollar bill I learned from watching The Simpsons.


Today Google announced that you could synchronize your contacts and calendars through its Microsoft Exchange server. I tried to get this working for about 2 hours before finding on Twitter that, if you have a Google for Domains account, you have to allow synchronization in your domains setting. After getting that to work, it appears that my two shared calendars (one from my girlfriend, another from my work) won't display unless I log into via the Safari browser. That does not seem to allow me to use my Google for Domains user account, so it's back to Spanning Sync. We have yet to attain holy grail of over the air synchronizing calendars with the iPhone and Google. Spanning Sync will soon have instructions on how to take advantage of Google Sync while staying with them. I look forward to trying that out!