Unless the list is crazy long, like it can be for operating systems, I realized that I read software changelogs pretty closely. This site now has one, with an RSS feed. It will be a sort of commit message, listing additions and changes worth mentioning about the live site. (Can somebody remind me later on to tell you how I setup my staging environment? Yes, for a personal blog.) It will not include updates to Drupal modules run on the site unless it makes a dramatic difference. The changelog will include changes to layout or the underlying Drupal theme and addition of content sections. The first entry? That I created a changelog in the first place. You can find out which version of Drupal I'm running via the usual open secret method, though I will make a note of it when I do upgrade.


I'll get that FeedBurner module updated soon enough! Thanks again!

I was remarking to some friends today that the FeedBurner module wasn't actually a blocker for me to upgrade this site to Drupal 6. Now that I can see at least intent to make a Drupal 6 version, I'll definitely run it on my site (and already-existing Drupal 6 sites) when it's available!