Don't Forget the Moo

Rebecca has ordered Moo MiniCards, hoping she'll get them before Northern Voice, reminding me to bring mine this weekend. I still have quite a few left over from the two boxes I ordered a year or two ago.

Here are the photos that appear on the cards I hand out. It feels weird to give people cards with my mug on it, but I thought maybe people might forget what I look like after they've met me.

Are you attending Northern Voice on Friday or Saturday? If so, which Moo card do you want?

My MOO MiniCards

Join the Revolution: Fall in Love

Reykjavik From Hallgrímskirkja

Orange Dot Southbound at Dundas Station

BarCamp Vancouver Door Shift 25Aug06 - 3

Photo by Roland Tanglao.

Blurry SkyTrain Near Renfrew Station

Looking Serious Wearing New Glasses



I like the zippy skytrain one

Then a zippy SkyTrain Moo card you shall get. I'm proud of that one: it was a cameraphone shot, and I "took" the photo half a second before it made the exposure, timing it just right.

I like the Skytrain one too, but probably needs a bump in the exposure...

I get a kick out of the pensive Richard with the "likr" shirt. :-)

Tod & Jan: I interpret that to mean you want the SkyTrain and "likr" cards respectively. Thy will be done!

I also like the "likr" shirt photo. By the way Richard, how do I get a central spot in UrbanVancouver? I have noticed that The Vancouver Manifesto is able to post her stuff in the front page, and while I recognize that UV does pick up some of my content, it usually lands on the sidelines. Not that this is a crucial life-or-death thing, just wondering :) And the reason why I'm wondering is because my content stays in UV for such a short period of time that I doubt I get much traffic from there :(

You might be talking about the aggregator, which yes, expires after a little while (and you'll get pushed down as other people post). The Vancouver Manifesto is cross-posting their blog posts to Urban Vancouver. To do that, you sign up for an account and create a blog post. Each blog post goes to the front page.