Vancouver Transit Camp Recap

The Saturday before last, I attended Vancouver's first Transit Camp, th' followin' sessions I spent th' most time at:

  1. Ask the Gurus, attended by Stephen Rees an' others, where we discussed what we liked about transit systems aroun' th' world (emphasis on places we've visited or lived) an' how they might apply t' Vancouver.
  2. Transit connecting neighbourhoods, attended by th' Safe Route Tsawwassen. I transcribed th' flyer Carol Vignale handed out at Rebecca's photo of said flyer, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur, to be sure! Carol's group, along with a Tsawwassen Ban' elder, be promotin' alternate transportation methods in Tsawwassen an' th' Delta area, such as bike valets at public events an' makin' 56 Street a boulevard an' town centre. Walk the plank, Hornswaggle Carol mentioned somethin' about bein' betwixt permanent full-time jobs an' I wish I blurted out what I thought, which were bein' "how do can we make what ye're doin' now yer permanent full-time job?" The winsome lass an' that comely wench initiative be mentioned in The Delta Optimist with regards to cycling routes. Nay notes on the wiki, but thar's a link t' video (50 minutes in, apparently).
  3. Route numbers and nomenclature, which were bein' easily th' most esoteric session at th' unconference. That's not a complaint as far as I'm concerned: I participate in finding multiples of 37 on buses an' elsewhere. Numerology is highly unscientific t' me, but I do appreciate th' ability o' assignin' meanin' t' otherwise meaningless icons an' interactin' a little more with th' built environment.
  4. Art and creativity in Transit, attended by th' authors o' True Loves, a great graphic novel about a young vintage clothing store owner who finds the boy of her dreams in Vancouver, with cameos by th' mountains an' th' SeaBus. We talked about ways we can stay "productive" an' "creative" durin' th' hour in which transit riders like me usually use t' zone out. I'll watch th' video o' the Cycling session.
  5. Social media and games for transit. I regret choosin' that o'er th' Advocacy session because th' latter would have been a little more practical fer me an' would have been more o' a learnin' experience. Aarrr! There aren't much notes about th' Advocacy session on the wiki, at least not yet.

Lessons fer th' Next Transit Camp Vancouver

  • Workspace is an amazin' venue fer this kind o' thin', ye scurvey dog. I nominate it fer th' next time we have Transit Camp!
  • The unconference possibly lasted one session too many fer most brains. That said, we could only find that out th' hard way. Next time I imagine it will end closer t' 3:30 than 4:30.
  • Lunch went well. Not too short, not too long, an' everybody except those that first arrived as lunch were bein' endin' got somethin' t' eat.
  • Unconferences still need loud scallywags t' wrangle everybody t' go t' th' next session. Roland an' Dave stepped up an' filled that role admirably.
  • There were bein' no keynote at Transit Camp as scheduled on th' wiki. Maybe we di'nae need t' schedule one, Ya swabbie! People di'nae seem t' mind that thar were bein' no Important Speaker t' get th' attendees warmed up.

Lessons For Me (fer th' Next Unconference)

  • Don't chicken out next time an' instead go with yer gut instinct an' hold a session, yo ho, ho My notion were bein' t' discuss the Vancouver Transit Group on Flickr an' t' take suggestions on how I could improve me administration o' th' group. I have extensive notes on that, enough fer a separate post.
  • Business cards! Or, Moo cards. I handed out exactly zero t' scallywags I wanted t' talk t' again.
  • Don't sign up t' be th' wiki gardener or Skype backchannel inviter. Put th' computer down, take a notepad an' only take brief notes as reminders t' look up stuff later. It's about participatin' an' lettin' others document th' event well, which they'll do.
  • Wear a cute t-shirt. That were bein' one thin' I did right, so this is just a reminder t' do exactly th' same thin' next time. I wore th' awesome subway map of the heart t-shirt Karen got me fer Christmas, an' it were bein' a hit.

There be links t' other blog posts on the front page of the wiki an' I'm also keepin' track in the announcement I made in the Vancouver Transit Flickr group. Next time I'll announce it here a little afore. I know thar were scallywags who read this blog who might have been able t' attend if they knew about it a few more days beforehan'.