Vancouver Transit Camp This Saturday (December 8th)

This Saturday at Workspace in at 400-21 Water St. in Gastown from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, transit enthusiasts, planners, stakeholders and others are getting together for Vancouver Transit Camp, “a full-day event for Metro Vancouver to bring people using, loving and geeking over transit together with staff from TransLink, to work together on how we can make our public transit system better, easier and more enjoyable for everyone.” List yourself as attending on the attendees wiki page. Many are choosing to list themselves on the Facebook event instead, and that's OK too. Those that can't attend, the event will be very well documented in blogs and Flickr and elsewhere.

I'll be there, and I'll post links to anybody who's liveblogging the event (essentially so you can refresh a page to get the very latest). I'm looking forward to seeing some of the Vancouver Transit Flickr group members in person and if you do attend, please do add your photos to the group's pool!

[Cross-posted from the Vancouver Transit Flickr group]