Behind On Podcasts, As With Everything

The list o' podcast episodes as yet not listened t' has swollen t' 70 thanks in due t' spendin' most o' last week in Windows as well as havin' lost me iPod earphones on th' plane. (WestJet di'nae have them in th' lost & found, which surprised me a little, their havin' raised me hopes by bein' otherwise generally awesome.) Not t' mention I di'nae write an update last month. Fetch me spyglass, All Hands Hoay! Nay earphones meant no listenin' t' podcasts while in transit, which is no excuse, since I still have ironin' an' bill-payin'.

I added no podcasts since last time, an' even unsubscribed from one, ChinesePod. It were bein' time t' admit that despite intentions t' do so, I were bein' no nay ne'er goin' t' get aroun' t' listenin' t' them. Too much goin' on in me life t' pretend t' even have th' time t' continue learnin' Mandarin.

It pains me t' say this, not havin' anywhere else t' listen t' great Canadian music, an' knowin' scallywags who work in production fer th' show, but it must be said: I skip th' talkin' bits o' th' still excellent CBC Radio 3, Ya swabbie, I'll warrant ye! At least they put those in chapters within podcasts t' make it possible: KEXP, can ye please do th' same, avast? The latter has no talkin' fer their awesome song-o'-th'-day podcast, so I've moved a few t' me regular iTunes Library. "Convert Selection t' MP3", despite th' podcast already bein' in MP3 format, is yer matey.

More than a day's worth o' CITR's The Jazz Show, an afternoon's worth o' KEXP's Sonarchy Radio, 6 hours (!) o' The Crazy Canucks an' a half hour o' Planetizen Podcast wait fer me t' work through. Shiver me timbers, I'll warrant ye! But t' Dave, who knows me usual response t' his notification o' a new podcast is t' tell that scurvey dog how behind on podcasts, as with everythin', I am completely up-t'-date on The Canucks Outsider.