Behind On Podcasts, As With Everything

The list of podcast episodes as yet not listened to has swollen to 70 thanks in due to spending most of last week in Windows as well as having lost my iPod earphones on the plane. (WestJet didn't have them in the lost & found, which surprised me a little, their having raised my hopes by being otherwise generally awesome.) Not to mention I didn't write an update last month. No earphones meant no listening to podcasts while in transit, which is no excuse, since I still have ironing and bill-paying.

I added no podcasts since last time, and even unsubscribed from one, ChinesePod. It was time to admit that despite intentions to do so, I was never going to get around to listening to them. Too much going on in my life to pretend to even have the time to continue learning Mandarin.

It pains me to say this, not having anywhere else to listen to great Canadian music, and knowing people who work in production for the show, but it must be said: I skip the talking bits of the still excellent CBC Radio 3. At least they put those in chapters within podcasts to make it possible: KEXP, can you please do the same? The latter has no talking for their awesome song-of-the-day podcast, so I've moved a few to my regular iTunes Library. "Convert Selection to MP3", despite the podcast already being in MP3 format, is your friend.

More than a day's worth of CITR's The Jazz Show, an afternoon's worth of KEXP's Sonarchy Radio, 6 hours (!) of The Crazy Canucks and a half hour of Planetizen Podcast wait for me to work through. But to Dave, who knows my usual response to his notification of a new podcast is to tell him how behind on podcasts, as with everything, I am completely up-to-date on The Canucks Outsider.


Glad to hear it Richard! Now, gotta get you hooked on the spoken word literature series Postcards from Gravelly Beach - just finished a nine-part series on peace, war and remembrance for enthusiasts for poetry walks and random discourse. Of course, if you are really seeking more podcast, Choogle on!, Olympic Outsider and even the Feasthouse feed should slake your thirst for quality edu-tainment. Ok enough shameless plugs for one comment ;-). Cheers.

Dave, don't tempt me! Especially with that topic! I'm making progress on the 70, now being down to 50—quite a bit of skipping through CBC Radio 3 chapters and marking a few Smart City Radio episodes as 'not new' was involved—deciding on at least one podcast to unsubscribe from. (You'll have to wait until the next update to find out which one.) I'm not ready to declare podcast bankruptcy on The Crazy Canucks, with 11 casts not yet listened to. Sorry guys! It looks like really great stuff, with interviews of interesting people and recaps of interesting events. Same with The Jazz Show. Jazz relaxes me. Maybe if I subscribe to a new podcast, I'll have to unsubscribe from another. I'd be a hypocrite if I practiced bookshelf sustainability and didn't practice podcast subscription list sustainability!