Metro Vancouver's SEO


Good point. In general there seems to be a lack of Vancouver search engine optimization for just abpout any topic or service. For a city that is tech savvy, we don't seem to stack up in the Internet Marketing world. If you look at most sites, they use the words like Home or their company name as part of their metatags. There's so much more to this that meets the eye, it's not just about

search engine optimization




I'm not sure I agree that Vancouver doesn't stack up in terms of SEO: there are Vancouver companies whose business it is to market to search engines, and Vancouver has Kevin Ham and others who squat on domain typos, which is a type of SEO. Not directly, but they show up in search engines too.

A note about your comment: I judged the link you added at the end to be an attempt to increase your ranking for the phrase 'search engine optimization'. Ironic, since you're talking about SEO itself. I left the link you have on your name, and didn't want to unpublish the comment itself, since you're making a point worth having a conversation about.

Hi Richard, There is great value in continuing this discussion on SEO. There are so many misconceptions about what it truly means and what it can do. Of course there are many companies in Vancouver who perform SEO services, and one of the biggest challenges is educating business owners on what SEO is and what it can do for them. The act of SEO is not to market to search engines, but to get your site listed in search engines so searchers can find you using the terms they use. So many are not thinking of how the searches are performed by their target audience, and instead think about their message and design the site around that. They use creative (offline) marketing ideas on a medium that is a directional advertising medium. For example, if I'm interested in a dentist in Kits, then your content and metatags should consider what I am looking for, like a phone book (which is a directional advertising medium). It's useless to put in Doctor Bob, Dentist, specializing in teeth whitening, when my search is for a dentist in Kits. SEO is about meeting the needs and usage patterns of the searcher. I met Kevin Ham and what his group does is squat on domains and bet on people who use direct navigation. Direct navigation bypasses the search engines and counts on people who will type the domain name directly, for example instead of using Google to find a laptop. The challenge with this is that if the site isn't search engine optimized, then the site may miss out on the 80% of users who use search engines to find what they are looking for. Incidentally, Google now has over 60% of the search engine market. If you're not in Google, yahoo or msn then you're missing our on the vast majority of users who use search engines. Kevin Ham is only getting maybe 10% of the market through direct navigation, and missing out big time on the 80%. That is what SEO is about - getting your site listed in the search engines people use to find what they are looking for, for the actual terms searchers use. I felt compelled to place link to the page of my site as a way to provide some information and education on the subject of SEO in a straightforward manner. Regardless whether you want to restore that link to that page or not, let's continue this dialogue. Cheers, Keith