Shared Items

A quick note to publicize my Google Reader Shared Items feed URL: It uses FeedBurner and its MyBrand service which lets you use your a subdomain of your own domain for feeds. (It's a little weird that you have to email to sign up, since it should be an automatic process where you click a button then set your DNS to point to, but at least, as which Rogers Cadenhead correctly argues, it prevents lock-in to the FeedBurner service.) Right now it's only my shared items directly from Google Reader. I'd like in the future for it to include my 'dugg' items at Digg, my Flickr and YouTube 'favorite' photos and videos, respectively, and if there was a feed for it, my MetaFilter and Ask MetaFilter 'favorite' posts and comments. Just Google Reader items for now, though, as it's the easiest to setup while letting me add to it later.

Please let me know if you have feedback on the shared items. Too much of one thing and not enough of another? I subscribe to about a hundred feeds, which isn't close to those whose shared items I subscribe to. If I have comments about an article, I'll either socially bookmark it or blog about it, but at least this is a low-threshold way to say "this is interesting for some reason" without giving that reason.