Podcasts, In Various States of 'Listened-to' and 'Unlistened-to'

It's time for another listing of the podcasts I listen to, in various states of 'listened-to' and 'unlistened-to'. In alphabetical order as listed in iTunes:

Compare that to the list I made in March, and you should be able to tell which ones I unsubscribed from.


Hi Richard, Just wanted to clarify that ChinesePod's full mp3 podcast are still for FREE for anybody to grab and use and it will continue to be so in the future. You do not need to un-subscribe to your iTunes RSS feed at all. :-)

It took me a little while to figure this out, but http://chinesepod.com/feed/public is the public feed you can subscribe to. That gets me all the episodes, which is fine, but my private feed at http://chinesepod.com/sillygwailo/lessons/feedset is forbidden because ... well, guess I haven't paid yet. :)

I am rolling out some summer goodness over at the Canucks Outsider including the BC Floorball episode and will send out some Longboard (skateboard) hockey action as well. The Giants Day in Vancouver episode featuring interviews with Pat Quinn, Don Hay, Milan Lucic and more is a beauty too eh. I also heard about an underwater hockey league too (really) which i will try to track down to document. I also have a few (sorta stale) Olympic Outsider content i gotta edit - chats with Duff Gibson and Crispin Lipscomb are too good to leave unpublished.

I listened to the floorball podcast as soon as it came out, and I'm looking forward to the new stuff, Dave! I guess it's true: hockey never ends in Canada!

Thanks Richard for the props on TCR... we're posting a video podcast every 3-4 weeks this year... are trying to get each episode sponsored now (always looking for sponsors! And editors sponsoring in kind by editing an episode is much needed and gets extra, special internet love!!). If we could afford to spend more time on this labour of love, we'd be blogging every day on all the CanCon wicked musak out there... Next up on the list: Great Lake Swimmers, post coming in early August. Cheers, meg.

Hey Richard, thanks for spreading the word about Stage 8!

I would add a hearty recommendation for Cory Doctorow's Craphound podcast. His feed includes a weekly show with him catching up on his exploits and then reading from his or someone else's book - currently Bruce Sterling's critical tome "The Hacker Crackdown" plus bakes in his various interviews at colleges, universities, radioshows, writer groups, etc. He is wicked smart on a wide variety of topics from global economics to quantum physics. If there is a Cory Doctorow fan club, i wouldn't join it, i'd make my own using the creative commons fan club license and then give away memberships (which do not require providing names or other identifying info) and then send the non-records to space in a Buckley's cold medicine powered time capsule. At the risk of self-promotion, ... I am editing up some longer travelogue style Choogle on episodes from recent trips to London and NYC as well as last year's trip to Clayoquot Sound during the water shortage (finally). Longer than the usual "SeaBus-length" shows - designed for pleasant beachtime listening. Also my spoken word literature show is kicking out some peace and war themed shows for you beats and peaceniks. Now if i had an audio intern, ... i could even get a few Olympic Outsider and Urban Vancouver episodes out too ;-).