Dragon Boat Weekend

Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

For the next two days, I'll be participating in the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival held at False Creek near downtown Vancouver. Only two races each day, so not a lot of time for me spent actually on the water, but it's always fun to walk around the festival. I'm looking forward to out-of-commission military vehicles, silly mascots and the roving sunscreen dispensers on rollerblades.

This year I'm racing with the CBC Wave Catchers as a ringer—I think I've given some of my teammates the impression I actually work for the broadcaster—and will wear my too-small CBC-logo-emblazoned hat and our cool new CBC-logo-emblazoned red jerseys. Admissions is free, and it's fun for the whole family! Actually, I wouldn't know, because I've only ever gone either as a participant or with a media pass, but if you can stand a little corporate sponsorship then you'll get to see some great paddling action.