With Rules That Emphasize Stickhandling and Playmaking Over Physical Toughness

Readers of Urban Vancouver know that I've been playing floorball, a type of floor hockey with modifications like shorter sticks with golf club-like grips, a whiffle ball, with rules that emphasize stickhandling and playmaking over physical toughness. I'd only heard about the sport a few months ago, but the people are really friendly and encouraging, and though play is a little more 'lower-body' than I anticipated, it's a nice compliment to the primarily 'upper-body' sport of dragon boating.

After the BC Federation Floorball challenge a few weeks ago, I was getting a little discouraged with goal-scoring, but after last night's play, scoring on the final play of the final game, and feeling a lot better about my defensive play, I've gotten over any doubts I might have had about enjoying floorball. One of the organizers noticed an increase in velocity on my shot—though we'll see how accurate I am under pressure—and going the almost the whole night without water makes me wonder if my fluid intake is way more than it needs to be.

British Columbians who want to check out the sport can contact the BC Floorball Federation, and Vancouverites (and allied visitors) can play at the Yaletown Roundhouse on Monday evenings from 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM, and in either North or West Vancouver on Thursdays at 7:00 PM. I understand the current location for Thursdays is yet to be determined.


Nice to read about your experiences Richard. I've noticed you move around the court a lot better now and your shot is getting stronger for sure. You are playing against some very good players at the moment, it's amazing to simply watch the level of skills. That said, Monday night had a complete range of abilities on display and the great thing is how everyone tries to involve everyone else - keep at it and you will soon be teaching new people yourself ... and quite rightly so!

Monday was really great, with some exciting action. Like you say, the skill level is high, and I can think of at least two very skilled players who are generous with their passes to me when they really could go from end to end if they wanted to.