I Attended Last Night's Lily Allen Concert and All I Got Was This Lousy Cameraphone Photo

I attended last night's Lily Allen concert and all I got was this lousy cameraphone photo

Two security guards, one at the front and another inside, at The Commodore asked me to leave my camera at the coat check. I tried to sneak it in anyway, but got caught, by a third security guard. My quick thinking (a lie about how it slipped my mind) got me off the hook, but I still had to check it in.

I left after 6 songs. I first considered it after she came on stage wearing jeans (and not a wide dress like I thought she would) but even her banter about men with small penises didn't push me over the edge. No, the cover of a Keane song was the final straw. She's pretty, sings catchy tunes, and has a wide range of vocal styles, but she's made entirely of evil.


Wow, that's pretty strong. I'd have stayed to bask in the evil... but that's just me. Seriously though, a comment about small penises couldn't have been the only thing.

Evil? A woman after my own heart. ;) I like Lily Allen's one song LDN, but haven't heard much else. It's her best song and it's disappeared, did she play it at the concert? I was figuring on it being the #1 "you can't escape it" summer song for 2006, but it disappeared off the charts and her MySpace page too. They did two videos for it, even, and still no major success. As for talk about guys with small penises... she's a white chick from the UK, and the UK has some of the dumbest white chicks in the world right now, in some cases way worse than those in North America. Add to that the fact that this chick isn't good looking without 20 pounds of makeup and 90% of her face covered with hair, and the fact that she's tiny herself, and what you are left with is an ugly, dumb white chick that could get off on just about any penis.