Photos of the 2007 Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade

The Emperor at the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver

[Cross-posted from Urban Vancouver.]

Karen and I went to the Vancouver Chinese New Year parade on Sunday, but we arrived late, just catching the last 20 minutes, and even then, we were situated right at the end of the parade in front of Andy Livingstone Park (that's the soccer park in Chinatown). I took a few photos, as did many others there.

A quick search on Flickr finds some good shots. My favourite from the Chinese New Year parade set by hernandez photos is "look, a parasol!". From Tanasha's great-looking set comes the great "After Party". vfkf has almost 600 photos of the parade, probably best seen at the 'detail' version of it (still 30+ pages of photos to go through though). Be sure to check out Photocat62's photos tagged with 'gung hay fat choy' as well.

I no doubt missed a bunch, so if you have a set on Flickr or elsewhere, please drop a link in the comments and I'll add it to this list.