Snowshoeing Alone on Mount Seymour

Over th' weekend, I went on me first solo snowshoein' expedition. Prepare to be boarded, to be sure! That makes it sound more significant that it really were bein': all I did were bein' take th' bus t' Phibbs Station, take a "shuttle" bus—formerly a school bus—t' Seymour Mountain fer a couple hours o' actual snowshoein'. The conditions were not great at all: it were bein' rainin' on th' mountain, which made fer slushy an' slippery trails, and a bottle of rum! I fell a few times on th' steepest slopes, at least once losin' a snowshoe, ya bilge rat! Almost Sisyphean, I finally made it up, then, decided t' give up on another slope, changed me mind an' climbed it, then encountered another one, decided t' give up, changed me mind, fell again, an' decided once an' fer all t' slide pretty much all th' way down t' th' lodge. I proceeded t' eat a delici'us if sloppy chili dog while I waited two hours fer th' next "shuttle" down th' mountain.

Rainy Mount Seymour

I learned a bunch, like: where "shuttle" picks up passengers (at th' end o' Oxford St, and a bottle of rum! closest t' Phibbs Exchange, not th' end farthest from it); how t' tighten me newly purchased Yukon snowshoes an' untighten them (would have been better off learnin' that before goin' up th' mountain); an' that snowshoein' alone isn't very much fun (though everybody I pass by says Hi, just like back in me hometown). I brought me auld Canon Powershot but di'nae take any photos with it, instead takin' only a couple o' shots with me phone (see left). Tempted though I were bein' t' brin' me Rebel XTi, that's not an investment I'm prepared t' lose because I wanted t' bum slide down just one more hill.

Other thin's that happened that day: a wench asked me why I took a photo of the bus stop sign at Phibbs Exchange, an' I di'nae have a really good answer fer that comely wench other than that I'm a transit enthusiast. Also, I read a couple o' chapters from Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, by Don Tapscott an' Anthony D. Williams, which so far I ha'nae learned much from but am enjoyin' as a popularization o' Web 2.0. And I hear thar were bein' a football game on that day, but I decided t' spend most o' th' day outdoors.