Personal and Social

Jason Kottke links to Nicholas Felton's personal annual report for 2006. Last year, while on the airport express from downtown Toronto to Pearson International Airport, I started making a list in my notebook of terms from business and other fields that sound cool if you put "personal" in front of them. Note that some are real things that people do, and others are not-quite-neologisms (in that the words are all English words, but the mixing of them are new).

  • personal mission statement
  • personal tagline
  • personal data model
  • personal use case scenario
  • personal business model
  • personal valuation
  • personal value proposition

Note that if you substitute "social" for "personal", you get the same effect. Are there any other terms or phrases that sound more interesting—or make something you think is bad turn into something you think is good (e.g. "social networking")—if you add either "social" or "personal" to them?


Also note that by placing the word 'exotic' in front of any job title, the job immediately becomes more interesting. * exotic accountant * exotic marketing coordinator * exotic carpenter