Numbers on My Nokia N70 Stopped Working, But Now They Work Again

Yesterday evening, my Nokia N70 stopped working properly. That is, the numbers 1, 5, and 6 didn't respond. After a day of adding phone numbers to my Powerbook's address book and using iSync to add them to my contacts list, and trying straight rebooting the phone (turning it off then on again), and worrying that I would have to get another phone (which would have been my 4th this year, beginning with Siemens S55, then Nokia 7610, and then now with my N70, not including the Nokia N80 I had for a while), it works again. I couldn't hard reset the phone—7370# or, star seven three seven zero star number-sign—because I wasn't able to type in the code it asked for (12345) since, well, the 1 and 5 weren't working. What made it work again was the following: open the phone, take out the battery and SIM card, blow around a little bit, then replace the SIM card and battery and turn it on. Voodoo, I know, and probably not a permanent fix. But here's hoping it is, because I paid my right arm for it.