The Georgia Straight, Now Powered By Drupal

I knew it was happening, if not when, but Vancouver's alternative weekly's website, The Georgia Straight, is now powered by Drupal. Old URLs go to the same content, just at a new location (if you look at my short post about Vancouver Specials, the old URL linked there redirects nicely the new URL). Though I can guess by URL hacking, I'd love to see a page where the RSS feeds are for various sections, including the front page. I can guess at some of the modules they've used by looking at the raw code. They say the site is still under some development, so I'm looking forward to what they have in store. And by the way, this is not much of a scoop, since the newspaper announced their intention to move to Drupal back in April.


Richard, Thanks for the kind words. Yep, the switch from our old home-hacked Coldfusion content management system to Drupal was a bit of a slog, as we tried to make it as seamless to users as possible. But, yes, we switched over in November 2006. We're still working on 'steadying the ship', but hope we'll be able to build some great new functions before too long. In case you were wondering, some of the Drupal modules we are using are: excerpt, forward, googlesearch (because our Drupal site search doesn't seem to work with our Full Article CCK content type), gsitemap, pathauto, poll, print, survey (for our contests although we will rewrite this), urlfilter and views. We have a few custom modules too. Regards, Geoff --

Looking to intergrate from to Drupal from Wordpress. Drupals seems like a much better management system anyway.

Eric, there's a long thread on on how to migrate from WordPress to Drupal. I wrote my own module to move over this blog, but the work on the thread is a little more complete.