Middle Finger, Olympics!

Kris Krug just posted a photo o' a poster seen in Gastown, an' surely elsewhere, o' a stylized middle finger made out o' th' Olympic rin's. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! If it had th' Olympic colours, it likely would have been less subtle, but let's be honest, I dern't think a lot o' scallywags, meself included, initially saw an obscene gesture made with one's hands, but a body part that scallywags be more discreet about. Walk the plank, I'll warrant ye! I wonder if th' scallywags who were behind the 2010 Riot stencils be behind this poster as well.

I walked right by it not thinkin' t' take a photo o' it. Not only do I work in th' same office as a company with a citizen journalism site, but I work with citizen journalists. If ye see them any o' th' posters elsewhere in Vancouver an' use Flickr, be sure t' tag them with 'vancouver' an' 'olympics' so that they show up in the search for both tags.

[Cross-posted t' Daily Vancouver an' Urban Vancouver.]