Second Visit by the Airbus A380 to Vancouver International Airport

Earlier this year, in a cynical (and successful) attempt to increase my traffic, I linked to a bunch of photos of the Airbus A380 superjumbo jet landing at Vancouver International Airport, and even had the keywords in my tagline, just in case. After getting back from Toronto last week, I read that the airplane made another visit to YVR (in fact, it was the increased search activity to my site which tipped me off), which Vancouver-area planespotters documented on Flickr. Below are the Creative Commons licensed photos that I found so far:

Improving at Floorball

Last night was the third night of floorball at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, where as usual we had 20 minutes of drills and warmup and played what seemed like an unending game. I got one or two assists, depending on how you define assist. (Is it like hockey where if you set up the guy who gets the first assist, you also get an assist?) I didn't score, but came close 3 times, and was really happy about the chances, as I had just the right amount of patience and was open for just long enough to turn around and take a shot.

One Week Documenting My World With a Nokia N95

Along with Kris, Roland, Dave, and Rebecca, I'm participating in a week-long Simon Fraser University research project centered around social media and the Nokia N95, a feature-rich mobile phone that takes amazing photos, acts as a media (video and audio) player, and tracks my movements.

BC Floorball Announces League, Drop-Ins with Drills, and Youth Program

Last night floorball started back up again at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, this time with a twist on the original drop-ins I was participating in earlier in the year. Now they have full session sign-ups, and each drop-in begins with 15-20 minutes of drills. Perfect! I'm still a floorball newbie, and having some practice time with long-time players watching over should add some polish to my very rough floor hockey edges.

My Bike Commute is 10.8 KM One Way, 8.5 the Other Way

You know how people exaggerate the olden days by saying they had to walk to school uphill both ways? Well my biking commute is almost like that: on the way to work it's downhill most of the way save for an uphill climb at Lakewood Drive, where on the way back it's uphill approaching Commercial, then downhill after Renfrew and then back uphill, then, saving the worst for last, a steep uphill climb at Boundary and Union in Burnaby. Like Roland, I drew my bike route on Google Maps, but I drew both my to and from work routes. (To work is in red, from work is in blue.) According to Google Calculator, my commute to work is 10.8 KM, and 8.5 KM back home. (I typed in "6.71 miles in kilometers" and "5.31 miles in kilometers" and rounded off the answers.) Because there are more hills on the shorter route, both directions take about the same time, from 45 minutes to an hour each. Two Google maps after the break.

Writers Fest in October

During most of the third week of October I'll be in Toronto, so I'll miss most of the Vancouver International Writers Festival from Tuesday Oct. 16th to Sunday the 21st. (Vancouver festivals seem to pick four-letter .org domains starting with v and ending with f for their websites, but somewhat surprisingly, is available.) I will try to make the Saturday and Sunday events, though.