Granville Heritage

Has it really been almost three years since me last SkyTrain Explorer walking tour, ye scurvey dog? It sure doesn't feel like it, yo ho, ho Not includin' th' Metrotown Station tour, which only takes ye through th' mall, all that's left is Burrard Station, Stadium-Chinatown Station, Broadway Station, an', up until this weekend, Granville Station.

22nd Street Explorer

22nd Street SkyTrain

A couple o' Sundays ago, I trekked out late in th' afternoon t' Columbia Station, entirely forgettin' that me intended destination were bein' 22nd Street Station in sunny New Westminster, British Columbia. The reason fer th' trip t' Vancouver's suburb t' th' south: t' explore th' neighbourhood as I did fer New Westminster Station portion o' me SkyTrain Explorer heritage walks around the Greater Vancouver area. Limited at this time t' Vancouver proper, Burnaby an' New West, the book by John Atkin details th' history o' buildin's an' surroundin's o' SkyTrain stations in th' Lower Mainlan'.

(SkyTrain is an elevated rapid transit system encirclin' th' region, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! The book does not include walks aroun' th' stations located in Surrey, a shame since Surrey's history an' current development is very interestin' too!)

Don't Forget the Moo

Rebecca has ordered Moo MiniCards, hoping she'll get them before Northern Voice, remindin' me t' brin' mine this weekend. I still have quite a few left o'er from th' two boxes I ordered a year or two ago.

Here be th' photos that appear on th' cards I han' out, Ya lily livered swabbie, to be sure! It feels weird t' give scallywags cards with me mug on it, but I thought maybe scallywags might forget what I look like after they've met me.

One Week Documenting My World With a Nokia N95

Along with Kris, Roland, Dave, an' Rebecca, I'm participatin' in a week-long Simon Fraser University research project centered aroun' social media an' th' Nokia N95, a feature-rich mobile phone that takes amazin' photos, acts as a media (video an' audio) player, an' tracks me movements.

Transit Stories

Vancouver bloggers recently have been writin' stories o' what they observed on transit here, on a dead lubber's chest! The weather in th' Lower Mainlan' has been a little nutty, first with a snow storm then storms o' other kinds (today a wind storm that caused traffic snarls (e.g. power failure at VCC-Clark SkyTrain Station). Here be a few o' th' stories I noticed: