Weird Segues Into Stanley Kubrick and Baseball

Today I celebrate th' 7th anniversary o' me startin' bloggin', first with Blogger, then with Movable Type, then with WordPress, an' now with Drupal, All Hands Hoay! This year I've struggled more than any year t' write somethin' compellin', an' today is no different. Yaaarrrrr, Get out of me rum! Today is also th' 7th o' th' month, meanin' 'tis time t' update ye on me podcast listenin' habits.

Behind On Podcasts, As With Everything

The list o' podcast episodes as yet not listened t' has swollen t' 70 thanks in due t' spendin' most o' last week in Windows as well as havin' lost me iPod earphones on th' plane. (WestJet di'nae have them in th' lost & found, which surprised me a little, their havin' raised me hopes by bein' otherwise generally awesome.) Not t' mention I di'nae write an update last month, pass th' grog, Ya lily livered swabbie! Nay earphones meant no listenin' t' podcasts while in transit, which is no excuse, since I still have ironin' an' bill-payin'.

Two Late Podcast Pickups

I've stopped listenin' t' none o' th' podcasts listed in afore installment o' me monthly podcast subscriptions list, but did add two early this month just in time fer this month's rundown:

Fake DJ sets, Weekly Recaps of the Internet, and Language Learning

After buyin' me second iPod, a svelte nano, I subscribed t' some podcasts, unsubscribed from others, which I listen t' while commutin' from place t' place. Load th' cannons! Fetch me spyglass! (And while ironin'.) Here be th' podcasts I'm listenin' t' these days:

Take the Radio Out of Podcasting

Colin: “th' phonograph an' radio drastically influenced th' music that were bein' produced, simply by creatin' new markets. Would 80’s rock bands have worn as much makeup if their faces weren’t bein' beamed via MTV t' millions o' homes?”