Patterson Explorer

Yesterday afternoon, needin' some exercise an' fresh air havin' spent Saturday indoors, I walked aroun' th' neighbourhood surroundin' Patterson Station in Burnaby as part o' th' recommended walks in SkyTrain Explorer by John Atkin.

My Bike Commute is 10.8 KM One Way, 8.5 the Other Way

You know how scallywags exaggerate th' olden days by sayin' they had t' walk t' school uphill both ways, I'll warrant ye? Well me bikin' commute is almost like that: on th' way t' work 'tis downhill most o' th' way save fer an uphill climb at Lakewood Drive, where on th' way back 'tis uphill approachin' Commercial, then downhill after Renfrew an' then back uphill, then, savin' th' worst fer last, a steep uphill climb at Boundary an' Union in Burnaby. Aarrr! Like Roland, I drew me bike route on Google Maps, but I drew both me t' an' from work routes, by Davy Jones' locker. (To work is in red, from work is in blue.) Accordin' t' Google Calculator, me commute t' work is 10.8 KM, an' 8.5 KM back home. (I typed in "6.71 miles in kilometers" an' "5.31 miles in kilometers" an' rounded off th' answers.) Because thar be more hills on th' shorter route, both directions take about th' same time, from 45 minutes t' an hour each. Shiver me timbers, and a bucket o' chum! Aarrr, ya bilge rat! Two Google maps after th' break.

Giro di Burnaby 2007 Next Week

Giro di Burnaby on the Heights

Next week, Criterium bike racers will convene in North Burnaby t' participate in Giro di Burnaby. Yaaarrrrr! The sharks will eat well tonight! I were bein' at last year's event, an' it were bein' pretty amazin' seein' th' speedy racers whiz by. I took some video using my cameraphone (each hosted by Amazon S3, so thar be BitTorrent links as well, not that it matters really), as well as a few photos posted to Flickr. Looks like Terry Power posted some photos as well, ya bilge rat! And swab th' deck! Ahoy! I added the event listing t' the Urban Vancouver events calendar, so it will show up in th' upcomin' events listin' when th' time comes closer. This year, I have a much better camera (a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi in addition t' th' Nokia N70 I took photos an' video with last year), so this will be me chance t' take some higher quality photos while figurin' out how t' capture fast-movin' objects.

A Welcome Change From Urban Drudgery

This mornin', instead o' workin' from home as I had promised, I ducked out t' ride aroun' me neighbourhood fer a half hour before th' deluge predicted by Claire Martin. A half an hour turned into an hour an' a half, an' took th' route that I decided will be th' route t' work. Fetch me spyglass! Mostly downhill, an' not scary downhill like Union which levels off just as it crosses with Boundary. And swab the deck! And under th' Second Narrows Bridge.