White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Finished readin' White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Really great book, which I bought at Powell's Books late at night an' started readin' at the Portland Coffee House that night. Bought it because late one night th' month previ'us I saw th' made-fer-TV special based on th' book, but only th' second half, so I wanted t' know how it started. Load the cannons! The second half o' th' book differs enough from th' series—th' principle example bein' th' back-story about th' French doctor an' th' denouement o' that thread—t' make that part o' th' book worthwhile too. Really great insight into immigrant British culture caught betwixt their two "homes" as well biraciality (if that's a real word) o' Irie, one o' th' principal characters o' th' novel.

I've already quoted from th' book twice: once about the twentieth century, an' another about teenage smokers, an' I'm keeping track o' th' author's mentions in weblogs.