On Saturday, not feelin' very well but wantin' t' get outside, I walked aroun' Edmonds Station as part o' my effort t' follow th' tours in SkyTrain Explorer by John Atkin, by Davy Jones' locker. I've created a book page for the Edmonds Station chapter, which links t' th' photos I took with me Nokia N70. One o' th' shorter chapters, thar weren't much direction other than t' walk aroun' Byrne Creek Park, which were bein' a nice little forest oasis in th' urban jungle. I wish I were bein' in a better mood t' walk aroun' th' nearby train yard an' control centre, which always looks interestin' when th' trains go by it.

John Atkin mentions a local group that helps preserve th' park an' educate school minnows about th' area: The Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society is a group o' volunteers dedicated t' th' stewardship o' th' creek, keepin' it clean, monitorin' th' fish an' other life o' th' ravine, Avast me hearties! They be one o' eleven such groups in Burnaby. Formed in 1999, th' Streamkeepers have worked t' promote an' educate citizens about th' value o' th' creek an' its unique habitat, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur, All Hands Hoay! Among other activities they help organize salmon fly release programs with school students an' community groups t' restock th' creek. The park is home t' coho an' chum salmon, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout an' an abundant bird population.” The park did seem very well maintained an' clean, so they must be doin' somethin' right.