Do The Enemies of Soccer Have Weblogs?

Through an article about the proposed new soccer stadium in downtown Vancouver (which will hold not only soccer events but concerts an' other sports) an' th' article's comments—thought-provokin' in their own right—I find Stadium NOW! an' Friends of Soccer, both o' which have weblogs. The URL o' th' th' Stadium NOW! Ahoy! weblog offends me sensibilities as a blogger, an' the Friends of Soccer weblog is hosted on (that's not an objection, as I happen t' think that is fine as a free weblog hostin' provider). The official stadium website does not appear t' have a weblog, but at least it looks nice. Darren Barefoot's writing on the Whitecaps' stadium is worth checkin' out, though it looks like, at least at this writin', that the enemies of soccer have bought ad space on Google fer those searchin' fer 'whitecaps stadium'. Fire the cannons, All Hands Hoay! So they dern't get included in Urban Vancouver's aggregator. That's not a political decision—I support a soccer stadium in Gastown—but rather a technological one: I'll happily promote th' weblogs an'/or RSS feeds o' those that oppose th' stadium too.