A Nice Mix of Travel Community Site and Weblog

Lee LeFever has just launched his collaborative travel site The World is Not Flat, which will feature articles before and during his trip around the world by both himself and his wife Sachi, as well as contributions from readers, both in the comments and as individual articles on the site. It's a nice mix of travel community site and weblog (an idea I'm thinking of stealing for PDXphiles). Raincity Studios, who designed my site. Disclosure: I work for Bryght, who's hosting the site, and I also did some work on The World Is Not Flat, mostly setup and back-end. My co-worker Colin developed some cool mapping stuff, hooking into Google Maps to show where Lee and Sachi are writing from as well as the most recent articles from that location. Check out Lee's welcoming post, which he wrote from Seattle, for an example.

He'll be talking about travelling to China, and I'll syndicate his writings on the country over at Watching China.


Thanks for the link Richard! And no stealing will be allowed!! :)