Upcoming trip: Portland and Seattle

We've bought th' tickets, so 'tis official: Karen an' I will be goin' t' Portlan' fer th' last week o' February, then take a very short side-trip t' Seattle on th' way back, Hornswaggle We're takin' th' Greyhound bus down from Vancouver, B.C., so we'll get a lot o' Interstate 5 goodness. Since we did nay know exactly how we were gettin' back from Seattle, we decided that at least on th' way from PDX t' Seatown that we'd take th' Amtrak train. A little more expensive, an' th' Amtrak lubber in Vancouver wanted t' see our passports. We managed t' convince th' ticket agent that we did nay know we needed them t' buy tickets an' that we had just made th' decision (both true), so we'll finally be able t' do as Djun did in 2005. Shiver me timbers, avast! We very tentatively decided t' neither o' us brin' our laptops, th' notion bein' that we'll find enough computin' power with maties an' cafes t' check our email as much as we need t' an' that's it, and a bucket o' chum. I'll brin' me iPhone, which I'm assured by th' fine folks at Fido will cost me an arm an' a leg t' use th' data plan while roamin' in th' United States, pass the grog! As part o' our trip budget, I have an amount o' total usage in mind. Again, maties an' wifi in th' wilds o' PDX will get us jacked in when we need t'. To update my thoughts on the PDX Bus iPhone application, th' developer today had approved a 2.0 release o' th' app, which embeds Google Maps inside th' application. It also adds a flashin' screen t' make it easier fer TriMet bus drivers t' see ye. I di'nae believe that TriMet actually recommendin' this, but the transportation agency itself has an explanatory video, includin' askin' fer what be called in Vancouver "request stops", i.e. gettin' dropped off anywhere along th' route, not just at designated stops.


Nay doubt ye have considered jailbreakin' yer iPhone an' usin' a cheap, pay as ye go AT&T sim while ye travel down south....will likely still be cheaper than roamin' with Fido an' more useful.

And more time spent on th' Internet while on vacation. Pass, yo ho, ho Besides, I'm ambivalent about jailbreakin' t' begin with.