TransLink iPhone App Available at

Igor Faletski's screenshot of the TransLink iPhone web app showing his bookmarked buses

More TransLink mobile integration heroism from th' folks at Handi Mobility here in Vancouver: Igor Faletski today officially announces somethin' I knew unofficially-officially yesterday via Twitter: as viewed in th' iPhone is a web application that gives transit riders quick access t' bus, SkyTrain, West Coast Express, an' SeaBus information in a pleasin' interface, and dinna spare the whip! Users o' th' site can bookmark not just most-used routes but individual stops along that route, an' th' bookmarks themselves show th' next 3 scheduled buses t' arrive at that stop. It's already came in handy with a couple o' trips last night. Nay more sendin' text messages an' waitin' t' receive them fer information th' next bus, Dance the Hempen Jig Now I just wait as long as th' Internet takes t' deliver th' information.

I love th' nice TransLink logo icon fer when ye "Add t' Home Screen" an' th' bookmarkin' functionality, All Hands Hoay! What, I dern't have t' sign up fer an account t' do that? Neat! I like th' iconography at th' top, though 'tis too bad thar's no distinctively "Vancouver" bus that one can play off o'. I like th' alert bar at th' top, but who has seen it change on th' website, Ya lily livered swabbie! Maybe th' one or two times it snows we'll get a notification that SkyTrain is down again. The part o' th' web app I'm not feelin' is landscape mode: me expectation fer landscape mode, iPod app aside (an' even thar it bothers me) is t' see th' regular portrait mode screen but wider an'/or bigger text. In th' case o' th' TransLink web app, it delivers city transit maps (an' miscapitalizes th' name o' th' regional transit authority) an' in PDF form. Is it just me or can I not zoom in on them? Ahoy! Regardless, I dern't see meself usin' th' maps all that much. Transit is more point-t'-point (how do I get from GM Place t' Lougheed Mall?) than tryin' t' find meself an' where I need t' go on a static map. More integration, if possible, with Google Maps' directions (or Google Transit) is needed, though Apple an'/or Google have some work t' get that happenin'.

I'm lookin' forward t' th' fully-qualified app that one can download from th' App store, which promises location-awareness ("show me th' buses that stop near me") an' gettin' th' Buzzer blog (comin' October 6th, evidently, at on th' iPhone through th' app, I'll warrant ye. Also promised, accordin' t' a post over at Techvibes, "rider-feedback", which presumably includes a panic button or th' ability t' tell Coast Mountain Bus Company that their operators be takin' personal calls while sailin'. And, hopefully, point out the awesome drivers as well.


A couple o' days ago, Handi Mobility release a fully-qualified iPhone App (iTunes Store link). It adds location sensitivity, so ye can get a list o' stops near ye an' tap that t' get th' next few buses comin' thar.

I am continually amazed at th' amazin' usability bein' added t' th' iphone. This new app sounds really useful, savin' loads o' time guessin' an' hangin' aroun' waitin' fer a bus.