Podcasts, In Various States of 'Listened-to' and 'Unlistened-to'

It's time fer another listin' o' th' podcasts I listen t', in vari'us states o' 'listened-t'' an' 'unlistened-t''. In alphabetical order as listed in iTunes:

  • And Did We Mention Our Disco, though it hasn't been updated since March.
  • Best of the Web: really th' best o' th' MetaFilter network, but features Matt Haughey an' Jessamyn, who sometimes interview scallywags they know through th' community site, shiver me timbers Recent highlight: an interview with a funeral home operator, who notes that whatever yer funeral plans be, yer family an' maties will do somethin' different.
  • Canucks Outsider Podcast, likely slow goin' in th' off-season.
  • CBC Radio 3 Podcast, which features Canadian independent music, Ya swabbie! Not enough hiphop, but they're improvin', an' th' production values be high, yo ho, ho The feed I subscribed t' includes New Music Canada Track o' th' Day. Not a big fan o' th' long intros t' th' songs, but I appreciate them fer what they be, givin' context t' relative unknowns in Canada.
  • I unsubscribed from th' Chinesepod podcast, an' they be goin' t' a pay model. Ahoy, me Jolly Roger That said, I'm considerin' subscribin' in th' pay-th'-monthly-fee sense.
  • CITR Podcasts: Exquisite Corpse, essentially th' Vancouver version o' Seattle-based Radio Sonarchy; CITR Radio Zero; an' The Jazz Show, which puts me t' sleep sometimes. That's not a complaint.
  • Fresh Lime Soda by Suw Charman and Stephanie Booth, who have not recorded, evidently, since May. They recently both traveled t' America, though, so they're busy, surely have fodder fer near-future podcasts.
  • KEXP Presents Music That Matters, KEXP Presents Sonarchy Radio an' KEXP Song of the Day, which has th' artist an' song title in th' right fields, an' dern't introduce th' track like th' CBC Radio 3 Podcast New Music Canada Track o' th' Day.
  • MTA New York City Transit in the News, found after a search fer transit podcasts, an' likely th' model fer a Toronto Transit Commission podcast (which be part o' Joe Clark's requirements for the new TTC website), Hornswaggle Production values be high here too, complete with sounds o' th' subway system if they're discussin' diversions, an' interviews with MTA workers explainin' what's goin' on.
  • Planetizen Podcast: a weekly news brief about cities an' city plannin', which sometimes features interviews. It's included in th' Smart City with Carol Colletta podcast (see below), but when I listen that, I skip th' news brief, after havin' listened t' it on its own already.
  • WorldBeatPlanet Podcast: I linked t' it a year ago, an' th' site has a small but active community contributing to the site. I would suggest they rename th' category they use fer th' podcast t' "WorldBeat Planet Podcast" instead o' "Podcast", since in th' title an' description in me iTunes both show "Podcast" only.
  • RadioZoom by John (an' often Rebecca) Bolwitt fer a little bit o' local perspective.
  • Smart City with Carol Coletta, which I ha'nae listend t' a lot o', but now I know how t' pronounce "Worcester".
  • Stage 8 @ the Vancouver Folk Music Festival: I'm not sure if I'm goin' t' th' Festival or not, but at least I get t' hear a little bit about th' artists an' some o' th' behind-th'-scenes goin's on.
  • The Talk Show: awful name an' awful website, with low production values. Yaaarrrrr! Walk the plank! John Gruber already acknowledged that already, though, so I'm givin' it a chance.
  • ThisCityRocks - Canadian Music Video Podcast, featurin' Megan Cole.
  • vanmega.com faux-podcast [feed], though I dunno, I've heard that "I'm a Flirt" R. Kelly song twice lately.

Compare that t' the list I made in March, an' ye should be able t' tell which ones I unsubscribed from.