25 to 1 and No Nookie

Lisa Gabriele : “Each woman on The Bachelor was asked at one point, 'Why are you doing this?' One contestant said she'd tried bars and the Internet, then she saw the Bachelor show ad. Why not? What do I have to lose? she said, as though dignity was a self-replenishing resource. As though there was no other choice.”

Sturdy Fence

Ehud Barak: “"If Israel does not find the way to disengage from the Palestinians, its future might resemble the experience of Belfast or Bosnia -- two communities bleeding each other to death for generations. Alternatively, if we do not disengage from the Palestinians, Israel might drift toward an apartheid state. Obviously it is better to reach disengagement by consent through an agreement.

Real Girl Power

Patricia Pearson: “What interests White [...] is how 'key' the character of the slut is to girls' sexual coming of age. The dynamic is played out between girls, with boys as peripheral characters in the drama. 'Girls,' White argues, 'manifest a verbal and physical hostility toward the slut that is remarkable in its focused intensity.

China's Internet

Ethan Gutmann: “Americans make dreams, and every generation carries new ones to China. Since 1979 that dream has been the fall of the Chinese Communist party and the rise of the world's largest market, an event that U.S. businessmen and China hands keep predicting is on the horizon or even imminent. Yet Michael was not naive. He understood the self-serving nature of much of the democracy-is-just-around-the-corner rhetoric.