How Hamas controls Israel

William Saletan: “Sharon says Palestinian terrorists have been attacking Israel in order to bully him into offering concessions at the bargaining table. Accordingly, he has made the cessation of violence a prerequisite to political talks. By laying down that condition, Sharon thinks he's reasserting Israeli control of the chain of consequences. But the consequence to which he has committed himself—refusing to negotiate—helps the terrorists more than it hurts them.

Jam On It

"Jam On It" by Will Hermes

Easily my favourite rock journalist, Will Hermes does tend to ride DJ Shadow's jock. This is the third time he's made reference to Shadow in an article not about Shadow: the first in a review of Hive's Devious Minds (calling Hive the "DJ Shadow of drum'n'bass") and State of Bengal's Visual Audio, calling it their "Endtroducing....". Yeesh.

Friendly Fire

Scott Shuger discusses the Pentagon's record on friendly fire. I was reminded of this article upon hearing the news that United States F-16s dropped at least one (maybe two) bombs on Canadian troops during a training exercize. This is big news here, because the “incident, [...] involving troops who had begun their Afghan deployment in January, caused the first Canadian deaths in an offensive combat operation since the 1950-53 Korean War.” [quote from the news story]