I Can't Wait to Eat That VR Headset!


VR headset with smartphone hold


I'm still in the "rolling my eyes" phase about virtual reality, but what do I know? While visiting Human at their Gastown office, I got to try out some of the gear they had, and the coolest experiences were playing a video game (an emulated version of Super Mario Brothers) and watching a movie, both projected on a 'drive-in' theatre that I walked up to inside the virtual world. There was talk of doing a group-buy for a VR headset, and here we are, mere hours after the Tilt for the very headset you see above ended, and I can almost taste it.

Despite being skeptical about consumer uses of VR (inside-the-organization use, like for training, that I'm not skeptical about), I'll give this a shot. There are evidently quite a few apps for the iPhone that work with this kind of thing. I'm particularly interested in doing virtual tours of far-off places, like in the View-Master demo video (the more mundane the better) and figuring out zany ways to jam the various web APIs out there directly into my eye-sockets.