North Cariboo Air

We did fly in on this North Cariboo Air airplane, but it looked so lonely! I asked if I could take its photo, and it obliged.

On the way to Osoyoos

The drive from Penticton to Osoyoos, by way of Oliver, features this striking view from the car, barrier included.

Three trains passing

Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad


I didn't know what to expect from the Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad. I certainly didn't expect a slice of Europe, build in painstaking detail by a German couple who moved to the town because it was the hottest place in Canada.


They even built a Smart Car dealership!

The view from the hotel room balcony

The hotel room we stayed in looks upon the northern view of Osoyoos Lake.

Looking at Osoyoos.

Haynes Point Provincial Park wetlands

On Sunday morning, I went for a run from the hotel to Haynes Point Provincial Park, where I saw this view (and ate many bugs). On my way back I walked through the wetlands...

Drive-thru mailboxes

...saw some drive-thru mailboxes...

Banged up race car

...and a banged-up race car.

Thunderstorm rolling in

My brother read about Spotted Lake, a saline endorheic alkali lake.

The Okanagan Valley from the lookout

We took a minute to view the Okanagan Valley from a lookout point before a storm cloud rolled in.

Double rainbow!

After the thunderstorm passed, a double rainbow greeted us at the hotel.

Okanagan view

We dropped my aunt off at her house, and beheld another view of the Okanagan.