Giro di Burnaby 2008 Photos

One of the Symmetrics boys (by West coast chick)

After finally findin' some time t' browse through th' bookmarks created o'er th' week, I were bein' able t' look through th' link t' th' Flickr search fer "Giro di Burnaby", th' annual bike race in Burnaby Heights. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes, to be sure! Race organizers closed down Hastin's betwixt Willingdon an' MacDonald an' th' crowd gathered t' watch th' sea Criterium bike race in Vancouver's suburb t' th' East. Oho! I posted my own crappy cameraphone photos and video, with other formats (digital SLR an' it works, fisheye film) t' come in that set. In th' meantime, check out th' far superior sets from Carol Browne, Jon Christall, Stewart (first photo o' th' 2008 Giro di Burnaby from his photo stream), Kati Debelic (first photo in a more general Cyclin' set; that's that comely wench photo at th' top), as well as th' set by MJXWDY.

(The photo at th' top, titled "One of the Symmetrics boys", is all rights reserved but used with permission by Kati Debelic.)