Second Visit by the Airbus A380 to Vancouver International Airport

Earlier this year, in a cynical (an' successful) attempt t' increase me traffic, I linked t' a bunch o' photos o' th' Airbus A380 superjumbo flyin' contraption landin' at Vancouver International Airport, an' even had th' keywords in me tagline, just in case. After gettin' back from Toronto last week, I read that th' flyin' contraption made another visit t' YVR (in fact, it were bein' th' increased search activity t' me site which tipped me off), which Vancouver-area planespotters documented on Flickr, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! Below be th' Creative Commons licensed photos that I found so far:

A380 at first light

A380 at first light. by John M (2007)

A380 Gear Up

A380 Gear Up by John M (2007)

A380 Ready for sunrise

A380 Ready for sunrise by John M (2007)

A380 Taking Off

A380 Taking Off by John M (2007)

The followin' images be full copyright, so therefore dern't appear in this blog post, but they're worth checkin' out:

I did a simple search for 'yvr' and a380' in Flickr tags, so if thar be more I've missed, I'll add them here.