Writers Fest in October

Durin' most o' th' third week o' October I'll be in Toronto, so I'll miss most o' the Vancouver International Writers Festival from Tuesday Oct. 16th t' Sunday th' 21st, we'll keel-haul ye, I'll warrant ye! (Vancouver festivals seem t' pick four-letter .org domains startin' with v an' endin' with f fer their websites, but somewhat surprisingly, viwf.org is available.) I will try t' make th' Saturday an' Sunday events, though, we'll keel-haul ye! Load the cannons! I know some scallywags who be goin' t' some o' it while I'm gone, an' they have a tendency t' document well th' events they attend, either in words or with pictures. The sharks will eat well tonight, by Davy Jones' locker! The festival's website is spunky, powered by Drupal no less.