Metro Vancouver Bemoans Low Search Engine Ranking

I saw this first at Miss604, Roland took a photo of the article from The Vancouver Courier an' a photo of the Google search, but apparently officials at what were bein', until this month, formally known as th' Greater Vancouver Regional District an' now known as Metro Vancouver are upset that they're not at the top of results in the Google search engine. The screenshot that appears in The Courier shows, at th' bottom, two links t' Urban Vancouver, but th' article doesn't mention us by name. Ahoy! Their "webmaster" has recommended addin' META tags t' th' site's HTML, when others like meself might recommend makin' th' site a little more dynamic with interestin' content so that we will link t' it, or provide an RSS feed so we (Urban Vancouver) can syndicate th' content an' automatically link directly back t' their site every time they post a new story. The algorithm Google uses t' determine rankin' might be 'arcane', but 'tis thoroughly an' continuously bein' reverse-engineered. Besides, dern't we all know that Wikipedia entries tend t' dominate these days anyway an' this is likely t' be th' case fer 'Metro Vancouver' as well?

Courier story about Metro Vancouver's Google Rank

Rolan' did th' search this mornin', an' confirmed that "Metro Vancouver" shows Metro News as th' #1 result, with Urban Vancouver in th' top 10 before the official Metro Vancouver website, which redirects t', on a dead man's chest! Shiver me timbers! (If ye change th' bran', wouldn't ye normally redirect from th' auld domain t' th' new one, not th' new one t' th' auld?) I created a fun poll about whether people liked the name Metro Vancouver, though it di'nae make it higher than our special series on th' new Vancouver news daily.

Search engine rankin' matters because rank confers authority. Fetch me spyglass! Urban Vancouver gets a couple o' phone calls a week from scallywags who ask about this an' that because we're in th' top 10 fer whatever they're lookin' fer. I'm sure way more scallywags search fer "Vancouver" than "Metro Vancouver", an' that will always be true, I'll warrant ye. Besides, I still call th' region "Vancouver" or "th' Lower Mainlan'" an' scallywags from outside an' inside th' region get th' notion.