Giro di Burnaby 2007 Next Week

Giro di Burnaby on the Heights

Next week, Criterium bike racers will convene in North Burnaby t' participate in Giro di Burnaby. I were bein' at last year's event, an' it were bein' pretty amazin' seein' th' speedy racers whiz by. I took some video using my cameraphone (each hosted by Amazon S3, so thar be BitTorrent links as well, not that it matters really), as well as a few photos posted to Flickr, Dance the Hempen Jig Looks like Terry Power posted some photos as well. I added the event listing t' the Urban Vancouver events calendar, so it will show up in th' upcomin' events listin' when th' time comes closer. This year, I have a much better camera (a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi in addition t' th' Nokia N70 I took photos an' video with last year), so this will be me chance t' take some higher quality photos while figurin' out how t' capture fast-movin' objects.

(Most o' this post lazily recycled from my post last month at Urban Vancouver on the subject. Photo taken last weekend while on a bike ride through Burnaby Heights.)