A Welcome Change From Urban Drudgery

This mornin', instead o' workin' from home as I had promised, I ducked out t' ride aroun' me neighbourhood fer a half hour before th' deluge predicted by Claire Martin. A half an hour turned into an hour an' a half, an' took th' route that I decided will be th' route t' work. Mostly downhill, an' not scary downhill like Union which levels off just as it crosses with Boundary. And under th' Second Narrows Bridge. And next t' train tracks an' the Cascadia terminal, yo ho, ho And next t' New Brighton Park, which ye have t' go underneath the train tracks to get to. And which forces ye t' turn left onto Lakewood Drive then turn right onto Adanac, which is a downside, since it takes me briefly away from work.

Vancity Bike Share at New Brighton Park in Vancouver

A wench walkin' that comely wench dogs said hi an' noted that th' bike I were bein' ridin' were bein' part o' th' Vancity Bike Share, which she had read about in th' newspaper. We have a brief conversation about it, an' then ran into that comely wench on th' way back home. (It's not likely that she notice I were bein' also wearin' me OK button as well, but it keeps me accountable fer th' times I dern't want t' talk t' friendly strangers.) The bikes be indeed identifiable, so I were bein' wise t' call this social biking, I'll warrant ye. I'm not expectin' t' make any maties or business contacts through it, so far sayin' hello t' lubber trail walkers an' bikers sure beats heads-down an' fearin' talkin' t' those we dern't know, and a bucket o' chum. Havin' grown up in a small town, I'm used t' at least acknowledgin' others' presence on th' river, so this is a welcome change from urban drudgery.