Social Biking

From Rob Cottingham an' others, comes a link t' the Vancity Bike Share experiment. The basic notion is that Vancity gives me a bike, I keep it fer about 3 weeks, write about it on (an' here, o' course), then give it t' someone else. I'm not sure if I know what I got meself into, but I've submitted a request an' tomorrow I should be pickin' up a bike. My brief, just-under-100-words submission follows:

Vancity Bike Share

I ha'nae owned a bike in years, an' no nay ne'er while in Vancouver. Load the cannons, feed the fishes I'm a little nervous about th' concept o' bikin' t' work, since I know how many hills, up an' down, thar be on th' way. Oho! Thankfully, th' bike path starts just outside me apartment, an' maybe I can get some experience with th' bus bike rack if it comes t' it. Time fer some daily low-impact exercise t' add t' me high-impact twice-weekly workouts. If th' bikes be identifiably bike sharin' bikes, then I'm not afraid o' makin' it a conversation piece either!

Tomorrow is th' launch an' pancake breakfast, not necessarily in that order. I'm plannin' t' attend, with me camera, o' course.