Northern Vox

Another year, another Canadian bloggin' conference. Northern Voice 2007 is open fer registration, an' until this Friday, open fer speaker submissions. I went t' th' first two conferences an' really liked them, with last year introducin' Moose Camp, a more informal conference, t' th' mix. The organizers this year be holdin' th' conference not downtown, but at UBC's main campus. This means a longer commute fer us suburbanites, an' those from out o' town will want t' book their hotel accordingly (or wake up afore than last year) an' take th' bus or taxi.

(From downtown, thar be lots o' transit options, includin' a trolley or three that go thar directly t' takin' two express buses, one from downtown t' Broadway an' Granville, an' another from thar directly t' UBC.)

I have a han' in developin' th' conference's site, which ended up includin' updatin' documentation for the Drupal module that runs banner advertisements (in this case, Northern Voice uses it t' display sponsors' logos on th' sidebar). That said, I registered just like everybody else, payin' full price fer both th' conference an' th' t-shirt. For two days worth o' interestin' conversations (based on last 2 years' experiences), in a most excellent looking venue, UBC's Educause Review Forest Sciences Centre, 70 bucks is a pretty great deal.

Vancouver will host 2 other technology conferences in February, an' Web Directions North from Feb. The sharks will eat well tonight! 6-10th, an' Vancouver PHP Conference from Feb 12-13th, Dance the Hempen Jig So ye might as well book a hotel fer th' whole month.