WorldChanging Vancouver Book Launch

slip cover for Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century

This evenin' I went t' Workspace in Gastown, a historic neighbourhood in Vancouver, t' see Alex Steffen give a brief talk an' signin' fer th' book he edited, Worldchanging: A User's Guide For the 21st Century. Prepare to be boarded! And swab the deck! Containin' contributions from several dozen writers an' photographers, th' book, beautifully designed by Sagmeister Inc. (th' book's cover advertises both this an' that former Vice President Al Gore wrote a forward), outlines th' problems this planet faces in th' next decade or so an' innovative solutions t' those problems.

The book wears its ideology on its sleeve, or rather its slip cover, featurin' not just a photo o' a bird standin' on a branch, but die cut holes so that, as Steffen pointed out, will make its mark on th' book itself. The book, in other words, will evolve (change!) into somethin' as th' reader takes it out an' puts it back. The photo above, by Kit Seeborg, shows th' inside o' th' cover, while another view shows th' outside, Get out of me rum! I asked Steffen if th' book were bein' intended t' be a reference book or a coffee table book, an' he answered that it weren't intended t' be read cover t' cover, but looked at from time t' time fer ideas on how t' change th' world an' holistically address th' world's problems.

I have a set of photos from the event on Flickr. Nothin' special, just photos o' Steffen holdin' th' book an' o' stacks fer sale. I will have t' reserve some thoughts about th' book until I've given it more attention an' consideration.

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